MARCH 2018
March 26 – OSRTF to give deputation to Town of Ramara council regarding OSRTF Model by-law project and provide recommendations to strengthen Ramara’s site alteration by-law
March 7 – OSRTF submits comments to the EBR regarding protecting/growing the Greenbelt. (EBR 013-1661)

February 25 – OSRTF annual general meeting
February 8 – OSRTF in partnership with Green Durham Association co-hosts meeting: “Protecting Water for Future Generations” at the Goodwood Community Centre (EBR 013-1661)
February 1 – OSRTF presents at Greenbelt Alliance meeting re: Growing the Greenbelt and protecting water

January 25 – OSRTF attends MMAH stakeholder meeting on Growing the Greenbelt
January 25 – OSRTF meets with Earthroots to discuss next steps, new Earthroots member of OSRTF
January 10 – 2018 OSRTF presents at the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board Hearing on Puslinch farm fill importation proposal
January 8 – OSRTF submits additional comments to MOECC Land Policy Team regarding proposed excess soil regulations

December 11 – OSRTF gives deputation to New Tecumseth Council re: December 11th staff report regarding TAC fill site, provides comments and reccomendations to town council
December 11 – OSRTF submits presentation to the Normal Farm Practices Protection Board re: case in Puslinch
December 6 – OSRTF participates as panelist for 2017 Excess Soil Symposium in Caledon
December 4-5 – OSRTF members participate in and receive credits for EPIC course on Bioremediation of soils

November 11 – OSRTF to present at Latornell conference
November 3 – OSRTF attends industry led (RCCAO) meeting to discuss issues with Excess Soil Policy Regs and timeline
November 1 – OSRTF provides advice and recommendations at a meeting with councilors and staff in Scugog regarding subdivision developments and fill importation

October 25 – OSRTF attends Excess Soil Management Engagement Group standards meeting
October 23 – OSRTF phone conference with MOECC land policy team regarding Soil Remediation Facility ECA issues, specifically regarding export to Environmentally Sensitive Areas
October 1 – OSRTF submits comments through EBR regarding amendments to a soil treatment facility Environmental Compliance Approval

OSRTF continues to communicate with MOECC regarding issues/concerns with draft Excess Soil Policy Regulations

JUNE 2017
June 24 – OSRTF participates in phone conference with MOECC
June 24 – OSRTF presents at OGA on Proposed excess soil re-use regulation
June 23 – OSRTF submits concerns and recommendations regarding proposed excess soil reuse regulations to EBR
June 8 – OSRTF attend MOECC Excess Soil Policy Framework Soil Standards meeting
June 7 – OSRTF submits comments regarding soil remediation facility proposed Environmental Compliance Approval amendments to EBR

MAY 2017

May 29 – Excess soil policy engagement group meeting, OSRTF and LCCW in attendance
May 7 – OSRTF submission to the EBR re: specific soil proposal
May 4 – OSRTF attends Marketing meeting for the Excess Soil Engagement group and the Professional Engineers workshop meeting
May 4 – Meeting with MOECC regarding soil remediation facility compliance issues
May 2 – OSRTF teleconference to discuss plan of action regarding draft excess soil regulations

APRIL 2017

April 18 – News coverage of Township of Scugog $105 million lawsuit to cover costs of cleanup of contaminated fill at Greenbank airport
April 5 – News report that possibly contaminated Mississauga street sweepings ending up at inappropriate disposal sites in Caledon and elsewhere

MARCH 2017

March 22 – OSRTF phone conference with Town of Whitby regarding draft site-alteration by-law
March 20 – OSRTF deputation at the Town of New Tecumseth regarding non-compliance issues and enforcement at the Tottenham Airfield
OSRTF on-going investigation: issues involving soil remediation and soil management facilities in Toronto


February 16 – York Region News profile on OSRTF
February 6 – OSRTF meeting with Town of Whitby Staff re: proposed site alteration by-law
OSRTF leading on-going investigation: issues involving soil remediation and soil management facilities in Toronto


January 23 – OSRTF deputation to Whitby Council regarding their draft site -alteration by-law. Recommendations and concerns shared with council.


December 18 – OSRTF Executive Meeting
December 12 – MOECC Excess Soil Engagement Group full day meeting. OSRTF and LCCW in attendance

November 29 – OSRTF attends Canadian Brownfields Network’s Brownie Award dinner. OSRTF was nominated for a Brownie Award for its model municipal by-law project as a model of excellence that can be applied or replicated by provincial, regional or municipal governments.

October 31 – OSRTF submits comments on the proposed revisions to the provincial land use planning acts, identifying where significant loopholes and risks remain within the proposed acts

September 13 – OSRTF attends Provincial Soil Policy Framework Engagement Group meeting providing input to the “Market Support Team”

JUNE 2016
June 27 – OSRTF to give deputation regarding concerns around proposed amendments to Greenbelt Legislation; Resolution to be presented for support by council
June 22 – OSRTF acting as stakeholder on MOECC Soil Policy Framework Team
June 14 – Ontario greenbelt Alliance Meeting, OSRTF in attendance flagging concerns with revisions to Greenbelt Plans
June 4 – OSRTF presents at the Green Durham Association AGM

MAY 2016
Provincial government announces a series of open houses to discuss proposed changes to the combined land use planning review, to be held between May 31 and July 5; more info here

APRIL 2016
April 25 – OSRTF gave deputation to New Tecumseth Town Council re: TAC draft site alteration agreement
April 18 – OSRTF meeting, updates from executive board and representatives of constituent groups

MARCH 2016
March 7 – OSRTF board members met with MPP Chris Ballard to bring each other up to date on the issue of excess soil. Mr. Ballard became involved with the issue of contaminated soil dumping as a councillor in Aurora.
March 3 – Article in the Orangeville citizen on Cox fill case in Mono
March 2 – OSRTF attends MOECC workshop on the soil policy framework

February 26 – Normal Farm Practices Protection Board rules that large-scale filling of ravines is not a “normal farm practice” in Mono Township case
MOECC agrees to develop a policy framework around excess soil management; Comments can be submitted through the Environmental Registry posting until March 26, 2016.

Please help our friends at Rural Burlington Greenbelt Coalition by donating to their fundraising campaign. They have had to bear massive costs as victims of a SLAPP suit (Strategic Litigation Against Public Participation) for trying to shut down a large fill operation in Burlington.

December 10 – OSRTF submits comments regarding the Proposed Town of Whitby Site Alteration By-law
December 7 – OSRTF/LCCW presentation at the New Tecumseth Committee of the Whole meeting re: Regulation of Tottenham Airfield Fill Operations

November 26 – OSRTF/LCCW attend ONEIA (Ontario Environmental Industry Association) Conference: Meeting the Soil Management Challenge Conference
November 23-26 OSRTF executive member acts as witness in Normal Farm Practices Protection Board Hearing
November 3 – Presentation to the Durham Environmental Advisory Committee regarding Project Clean Dirt
November 2 – OSRTF/LCCW gives deputation regarding the Proposed Whitby Site-Alteration By-law; Project Clean Dirt is presented

October 31 – OSRTF submits comments to provincial reviews of Conservation Authorities Act, Municipal Act
OSRTF submission for Conservation Authorities Act review
OSRTF submission for Municipal Act review

September 12 – Twelve Southern Ontario municipalities have either adopted in part, or expressed direct interest in adopting, OSRTF’s Model Fill By-Law
September 11 – Article in “In the Hills” depicts complexity and challenges of fill issue, involvement of Normal Farm Practices Protection Board in Mono fill site
September 1 – OSRTF sits down with MOECC for a formal consultation on soil management in Ontario; MOECC to develop a strategic policy framework for excess soil management
OSRTF receives formal thank you from AMO for AMO conference presentation and discussion

August 17 – OSRTF presents at Association of Municipalities of Ontario annual general meeting; Model Fill By-Law is distributed on USB keys

JULY 2015
Waste ash from a Peel Region Incinerator found on the property of a church in Keswick, York Region
July 6 – OSRTF gives deputation to New Tecumseth Council on Tottenham airfield and proposed new site-alteration by-law

JUNE 2015
June 22 – CBC coverage of fill issue in greater Hamilton
June 18 – OSRTF/ NTCK Citizens for Clean Water members give deputation to New Tecumseth town council;
Council votes unanimously in favour of requiring testing at Tottenham Airport
June 11 – OSRTF hosts information table at “Growing the Greenbelt” conference in Guelph
June 3 – OSRTF meeting regarding incorporation and OSRTF Model Municipal By-law Project
June 1 – OSRTF meeting in Town of Mono with citizen’s group on Normal Farm Practices Protection Board Hearing – Cox vs. Town of Mono
OSRTF officially incorporated in Ontario

MAY 2015
May 29 – OSRTF attends Canadian-Netherlands Resilient cities Summit, participates in workshop session on “Re-Use of Soil and Sediment: New Ways to Proceed.”
May 28 – OSRTF submits Fill Policy comments to 2015 Co-ordinated Review of the Growth Plan, the Greenbelt Plan, the Oak Ridges Moraine Conservation Plan, and the Niagara Escarpment Plan
May 17 – Toronto Star coverage of fill issues in Scugog Township; OSRTF member quoted
May 14 – OSRTF gives deputation to Puslinch Town Council on large-scale fill application for farm property
May 4 – ONEIA Business and Policy Forum; OSRTF participating in Excess soils discussion
May 2 – OSRTF presents on fill issues at How to Stop A Dump conference, Ingersoll

APRIL 2015
April 22 – Town of Georgina OSRTF presents concerns to Council on Baldwin Application and share Model Large Scale fill Agreement
April 15 – 2015 OSRTF annual general meeting
April 8 – MP Erin O’Toole hosts meeting at Greenbank; OSRTF in attendance
April 8 – OSRTF letter to Transport Canada re: responsible aerodrome development
April 7 – OSRTF presents their March 30th deputation report to East Gwillimbury
April 7 – Ian McLaurin of OSRTF attended the province’s public consultation meeting in Peterborough on the 2015 greenbelt review. The dirty dirt issue was well known to other people at the discussion table.

MARCH 2015
March 30 – OSRTF Deputation Report on East Gwillimbury Leslie Street Pit Fill Application
March 28 – OSRTF presents its March 13th LSRCA report to the LSRCA Board
March 13 – OSRTF Deputation Report Re: Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LSRCA) Large Fill Policy
March 10 – OSRTF participates in 2015 Greenbelt Plans Review sessions
March (throughout) – Ian McLaurin took part in three public meetings by the Ontario Greenbelt Alliance in Burlington, Orono, and Lemonville (Stouffville) on the 2015 review of the Greenbelt plans and hosted information tables on threats to the Greenbelt arising from dirty dirt

February 28 – OSRTF submission to the LSRCA regarding their large fill draft policy
February 24 – OSRTF and LCCW participate in SOILS ROOM at the OGRA/ROMA conference
February 11 – OSRTF meeting
February (throughout) – Work continuing on the development of the Model Site-Alteration By-Law document to be shared with municipalities across southern Ontario

January 28 – Townhall meeting in Brougham on Threats to the Greenbelt; OSRTF invited as a panel member
January 20 – OSRTF meeting
January 7 – LCCW in conference with legal counsel at Ecojustice re: soils issues in Ontario

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